Aging - Finding the Fountain of Youth

Gabriel Balmus
Cambridge (UK)
  Floris Foijer
Groningen (NLD)
  Karsten Rippe
Heidelberg (DEU)

Constant genomic stress creates a platform for genomic instabilities that can have various outcomes as a result. One of the consequences of genomic instability is the process of aging. Slowing down the aging process, or complete elimination of it, has been under debate since ancient times. The scientific community has been working hard to prevent its occurrence, but this has been shown to be very difficult. Therefore, we need to work on elucidating protective mechanisms of our cells, so as to use these mechanisms as a ”fountain of youth”. The idea behind this session is to learn about and discuss new understandings and ideas in the fields of DNA damage & repair, genomic instability, and aging research.

We have invited experts in these fields to shed light on the prospects of ongoing research and give us a clue how close we are to “Finding the Fountain of Youth”.