Signaling - Molecular Whispers in the Forest of Noise

Clotilde Théry
Paris (FRA)
  Benjamin Prud’homme
Marseille (FRA)
  Tamal Das
Hyderabad (IND)

If you imagine all intra-, inter- and extracellular signals as a forest of noise, it is quite impressive how each single cell successfully faces the challenge of filtering vital information and integrating it into a specific reaction. Even more so with rising complexity of the cellular system.
In this session, the invited speakers will shed light on the different levels of signal organization. At the single-cell level this will be exemplified by exosome signaling in immune cells. As the next higher level we will hear about the coordination of collective cell migration via physical forces. Finally, focus will be put on how the integration of intra- and intercellular signaling eventually peaks in behavioral changes of whole organisms.