Translational Cancer Research - Aiming for the Achilles' Heel

Peer Bork
Heidelberg (DEU)
  Stanley Riddell
Seattle (USA)
  Dario Neri
Zurich (CHE)

Enhancement in the basic understanding of various signaling pathways involved in cancer aggressiveness has increased chances of finding targets specific to different types of cancer. Even then, looking into the complex nature of cancer types, finding a cure to cancer is not less than “Aiming for the Achilles’ Heel”. Taking bench work to the bed side, translational cancer research has been the most critical topic for today’s medicinal field. The Translational Cancer Research session will provide you with a glimpse of multiple works pioneered in the direction of finding strategies to overcome cancer progression and metastasis.

The session will include recent advances in understanding the role played by the host immune system, both innate as well as acquired, in supporting cancer growth. We will also cover the latest developments in clinical application of modulating the host immune system in support of cancer demise, like recent advancements in antibody and peptide therapeutics. Finally, targeted therapies against cancer-type specific mechanisms will be included. The session will also highlight the recent work uncovering the principles of microbial communities in cancer etiology and screening.