Benjamin Prud'homme

Benjamin Prud’homme
Marseille (FRA)


Dr. Benjamin Prud’homme is a principle investigator at the IBDM (Institut de biologie du developpement de Marseille). He began his scientific career in Paris where he developed an interest in genetics aiming to understand the evolutionary origin of segmentation in animals. In 2003, Benjamin graduated receiving his PhD at the Paris VII University. After that, he became a postdoctoral research fellow in the lab of Prof. Sean Carroll (University of Wisconsin, Madison), the internationally renowned specialist in evolutionary developmental biology (“evo-devo”). Here, Benjamin studied the evolution of gene regulation and its contribution to morphological diversification in animals.

Since 2007 Dr. Prud’homme is a group leader at the IBDM. His main research focus revolves around evolution of animal bodies shapes and behaviors, with an emphasis on regulatory mechanisms underlying pigmentation patterns in fruit flies as well as genetic and neuronal mechanisms involved in Drosophila’s reproductive behavior. His group employs wide spectra of technics including comparative genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry and in vivo transgenic functional assays.

Dr. Benjamin Prud’homme was appointed as an EMBO Young Investigator in 2011. Also, he received many prestigious awards including the Claude Paoletti Prize for junior researchers in 2011 and the CNRS bronze medal in 2014. He is an author of many research articles including those in leading peer-reviewed journals as Nature, Science, and Current biology. Furthermore, Benjamin writes a regular column in the Science section supplement of the “Le monde” newspaper since 2011.

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